Author:Never Giving Up: The Power of True Deliverance

Owner of Christy's Apparel's and More

Empowerment Speaker

Certified Life Coach

Founder of K.I.M (Keep It Moving)-Non- profit organization

Registerd Nurse: RN,MSN

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Christy Cooks splits her time between Atlanta  and Birmingham and spending time with her children. She is a registered nurse in three states. She is a  passionate, enthusiastic speaker and writer with a very powerful message. Not only is she this but she is also an entrepreur,(Owner: Christy's Apparel's and More) whose goal and passion is to enhance the "QUEEN" within...

Christy is also the founder of K.I.M (Keep It Moving), which is a non profit organization that focuses on educating and motivating and emowering people and children from all walks of life to "SUCCEED" Our Motto: We believe and know that everyone has the ability to succeed and over come each and every obstacle. 

Signed : Christy RN,MSN, founder